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PopCorn Story - The story must be lived by Doctor Ungky Agus Setiawan (40 years), a nurse patient with the positive corona virus Covid-19 at Saiful Anwar Hospital (RSSA) of Malang City. As the vanguard of handling Covid-19, he is included in the category of people at high risk of contracting the virus.

"What do we do, we have to do it. But, this is for the sake of the people of all. If we do not handle it. Who else can help this problem," said Ungky while shedding tears about the struggle he had done

With tears in his eyes he continues his story. It has been 10 years he worked as a medical staff at RSSA Malang. This lung specialist has handled SARS patients. Tears dripped again, calling Covid-19 his journey so fast.

"Previously, we had handled SARS. But, Covid's journey was quite fast. Because of new diseases. And of course, we must be ready," said Ungky.

The role of the doctor in handling Covid-19 is very important. They are located as a frontline, similar to the task of the army in maintaining the sovereignty of the nation. The main bet is life, he considers this task as a humanitarian task. Noble duty.

"As friends, we encourage each other. Like our soldiers. But, the fear is still definitely there," said Ungky.

As a person who is susceptible to being infected with a virus, the main method of defense is to use personal protective equipment according to the Covid-19 handling procedure. Do not forget he always drinks vitamins and nutritious foods to increase endurance. When in a tired condition, as soon as possible he rested.

"Using complete personal protective equipment and increasing immunity. Most importantly we have optimism and work in accordance with the portion. So, if you are tired, then everything has its limits. We must maintain the condition," said Ungky.

Ungky said, for Covid-19 patients and patients suspected of being infected with Covid-19. The main key is to think rationally and optimistically through the worst conditions. Then consume foods and vitamins that can increase immunity in the body.

"Indeed, there is still no cure and so on. But, most importantly maintaining immunity will help better. Anxiety with irrational thinking that we must throw away. We are optimistic it can. But still, we must live high vigilance," said Ungky


PopCorn Story

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