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PopCorn Story - A leaked document revealed the first patient infected with the Covid-19 corona virus was allegedly a woman named Wei, a live shrimp seller in the Wuhan fish market, China. According to leaked documents reviewed by Chinese media The Paper, Wei lives about 500 meters near the fish market. On December 11, 2019, she claimed to have had a fever and had thought she was sick with the common cold. She then decided to go to a health clinic and seek treatment.

It's just that the drugs and injections given did not have any effect. "I feel a little tired, but not after the previous years. Every winter, I always get the flu. So I think I have the flu," Wei said.

The Paper does not provide much information about who Wei is. She was identified as a woman whose full name is Wei Guixian, 57 years old. Furthermore, Wei claimed to continue selling despite being ill. She also went to a larger health facility, the Hospital in Wuhan, to get a second opinion. "Doctors at the hospital did not know what was happening to me and gave me medicine pills," she added.

He took the drug, but it still did not improve. Wei then returned to a smaller health clinic and again asked to be injected. On December 16, 2019, she was rushed to Wuhan Union Hospital for further checks. At the hospital, the doctor told Wei that her illness was cruel and that several people from Huanan had experienced the same health symptoms.

At the hospital, Wei was listed as the 27th patient with the same diagnosis as the Covid-19 virus. While there are 24 cases related to the market in Huanan. It is believed that Wei survived and recovered from the new type of corona virus.

In January 2020, the Chinese Disease Prevention and Control Agency believes that Covid-19 is the result of transmission from live animals sold in the Huanan fish market where Wei lives and works.

PopCorn Story

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