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PopCorn Story - People living in wuhan are disappointed with their government is action toward the coronavirus crisis, here are some people is stories that lives in wuhan.

“when the oubreak is happening, i was living in wuhan three miles away from huanan seafood market. i'am one of the first people to see dr Li Wenliang's screenshot from wechat and alarmed by it. i immediately order mask and disinfectant tools online for me and my family. i asked my family not to leave home unless there was something urgent. but because the government dispelled the rumors and blocked the information everyone began to ease their guard. i was too getting my guard down. the misconduct of government official about no freedom of speech are the main culprit behind this disaster and made everyone angry” liang yi, from tianmen.

A crowded railway station in Beijing in January - Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

“I came here to the united state with my husband, he is studying in the us. We plan to go together to the untited state but because visa issue I have to stay here at home.

Earlier this year, my husband and i had a significant discussion about our future. He has always felt that the systemic risks in China are too high, so we must not not return. But I’ve felt that for a softer and exciting life there, I’m willing to sacrifice some things, like freedom of speech and internet freedoms. What’s more, i have felt life is brief, and in today’s peaceful era, the probability of laid low with systemic risks is so low. I didn’t expect that time period later, a pestilence would get away in China. All the management problems and human-rights issues that are exposed make me sad and angry. For the primary time i spotted how important free speech is. This outbreak was sort of a slap within the face. It totally woke me up and it makes me very sad. I feel that i'm growing farther and farther except for my homeland.” Su min

PopCorn Story

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