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PopCorn Story - Julie, a Singaporean citizen is one of the patients who recovered from the Coronavirus who managed to open a voice about her recovery from the virus that shocked the world. She makes videos about her since she got infected COVID-19 tested positive. Julie didn't experience any symptoms such as sneezing or coughing.

That day on 7 February 2020 at 3:00 in the morning, she woke up in tremendous dizziness. It feels like the room is spinning. Then the day after, she tested positive for COVID-19. Julie was finally placed in an isolation room where the isolation room was completely enclosed with 4 walls equipped with food, medicine, a change of clothes, and towels from a small hole in the wall.

Even so, Julie was allowed to contact her family via cellphones such as video calls. But to meet face to face, it is not allowed.

The hardest thing she went through was in her breathing where she felt her lungs worked very hard, so his breathing became short. Julie who initially did not care about breathing problems became aware of the importance of this respiratory organ.

Julie's health continued to deteriorate for 4 days with a fever that never subsided and breathless breathing until the doctor thought that she would be treated in the ICU. Julie herself just panicked and entrusted everything to the medical team. Under such circumstances, the Singapore Government began testing all cases of Pneumonia as part of the impact caused by the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, in the ICU, doctors need an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), like an oxygen hose. The option, Julie must be moved to Singapore General Hospital and Julie's condition finally is stable. The doctor also gave medicines that are usually used to treat HIV patients. The medical team also reduced sedative.

Not quite up there, Julie was taken to an isolation room where she was required to use RFID which is a body temperature detector watch, heart rate, and so on. After that, the nurses and medical staff put the tube in his mouth. People thought she would be sick outside the body because her body was so skinny but it turns out she can eliminate these mistakes.

The most challenging thing was when she was in the isolation room for 10 days where talking to the doctor via cellphone and food was given through a small hole like being stranded on an island. But at that time she also thought, she could do anything and she just couldn't make contact with people.

And finally, thanks to her immunity she managed to recover from this Coronavirus and was repatriated. Maybe people will be scared, panicked, anxious or worried about her expressing about this, but she just wants to use this as an opportunity to encourage others and give testimony that happened.


PopCorn Story

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