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PopCorn Story - Budi Hidayat is a worker who works as the head of the Juanda Surabaya Class 1 Port Health Office (KKP). Budi is one of patients who can recover from the corona virus or more commonly called covid-19. When contracting this virus, the most important thing is not to stress and worry too much.

The beginning of the story of being affected by this disease is when he realized that his work environment requires direct contact with many people and is very susceptible to contracting this corona virus. One day when Budi returned home from the airport, he felt unwell and not feeling well. Then he took the initiative to contact the Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA) for a consultation. While waiting for the results of the examination to come out, he decided to isolate himself at his home.

After two days of silence at home, his body was getting weaker. Then Budi conducts another examination and checking at RSUA on Sunday (15/3). The doctor stated that he had tested positive for the covid-19 virus and advised Budi to get intensive care and isolation at the hospital.

When the mind was tested positive for the virus, the hospital also asked Budi to gather a family member who lived in the same house with him to carry out a swab check. It turns out, none of the families of the mind is infected because the results that come out are negative corona.

After passing his days isolated and also other treatment in the hospital, the state of mind gradually improved. Budi underwent swab tests 3 times. The first and second test he was stated positive, and the final test was finally healed because the result was negative corona.

Although the mind has been cured and the results shown are negative, the hospital still advises the mind to undergo isolation for 14 days and not be allowed to leave the house freely.


PopCorn Story

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