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PopCorn Story - I was born in Wuhan, China, but I now live in Canada. I learnt about most of what was happening through reading the news, like everyone else. It really hit me that these are real, normal, innocent folks that are dying when my grandmother started crying as she told me her acquaintance had died after getting COVID-19, within ten days of the primary symptoms showing. there have been not enough hospital beds, and her son wasn’t ready to get her admitted in time.

The outbreak might have played a role why i changed my career trajectory. i'm currently doing field working in the Bahamas and am trying to answer fundamental questions in ecology and evolution. But one chapter of my PhD thesis involves developing a technique to spot endangered animals in steeped alcohol — like tiger-bone wine — a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. i'm now hoping to expand the scope to include viral metagenomics to seem for associations between host animals and viruses in illegally trafficked wildlife products; research has suggested that the new coronavirus could have emerged from a wild animal. i've got become inquisitive about human-health aspects of wildlife conservation, and that i hope to contribute to the current field in my postdoc position by using the molecular-ecology methods i've got been trained in to assist to stop future catastrophes associated with illegal wildlife trafficking. Charles C. Y. Xu, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Started my lab in China some months ago, but i used to be abroad when the quantity of transmissions surged. The university recommended that I avoid going back until further notice. My students are isolated reception and are unable to start out their projects - despite the lab’s target amphibians and also the undeniable fact that their breeding season will boom over the subsequent few weeks. Amaël Borzée, Nanjing Forestry University, China.

PopCorn Story

[name=KKN TEMATIK 642] [img=] [description=PopCorn Story (Peoples With Corona Story) is a website that contains stories of struggles of people who recovered in the face of the covid-19 virus outbreak. You can also send your own stories, as well as criticisms or suggestions that you have through the form provided on this website.] (facebook=#) (twitter=#) (instagram=#) (bloglovin=#) (pinterest=#) (tumblr=#)