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PopCorn Story - Tiger Ye, 21, lives in Wuhan and commenced showing symptoms in mid-January. Here he tells the story of his illness and recovery. on 17 January my muscles became sore everywhere. i could have had a small fever, but it wasn’t strong enough to note. Looking back, it's a bit scary, because my house and also the school where I study Japanese are within a 5km radius of the Wuhan seafood market (where the virus is believed to own originated).

To treat my muscle soreness, I took some cold tablets because i believed it absolutely was a traditional cold. Now that i believe of it, i'd have missed the simplest time for treatment, failing to contain the virus with antiviral drugs in its early stages.

I have no idea how I got the virus. I always decay the identical Hong Kong-style restaurant below my school. I wasn’t walking around much at the time because it absolutely was very cold, and since i used to be tired after classes I always went back home. Once the semester break started, I stayed with my parents and not at the dormitory. I started wearing a mask some days later once I saw everyone else around me wearing masks.

By 21 January my body was still aching everywhere, so I called my dad. He sensed something was wrong with me and urged me to travel home immediately. That evening I took my temperature which showed a light fever. My mom said that if my temperature still didn’t drop later that night, we might move to the hospital. At 11pm that night, the fever hadn’t gone away, so I visited Tongji hospital.

On arrival I saw the hospital already overwhelmed with patients. Seeing doctors in their hazmat suits in real world for the primary time, something I’d only seen in documentaries about Sars, I realised something bad was happening.

I wasn’t that astonished or scared once I saw all the people, because it's one amongst the simplest hospitals in Wuhan and it's always very crowded. due to the huge crowds, i made a decision to travel to Wuhan pulmonary hospital instead, which proved to be the proper decision.

On 25 January I had a checkup. I had begun to cough. it absolutely was a awfully dry cough with a bit yellow phlegm. The results showed that my situation was worsening, with the infection spreading to my entire lungs. The doctor gave me an IV drip, while the oral medicine remained the identical. At the time the doctor told me i used to be suspected of getting the virus, but that only an expert committee could decide who would be able to use the testing kit.

By 26 January getting up had become extremely difficult and that i was shivering with cold. I felt that i am having a high fever, and my temperature was 39C. Reports later said that the case could develop extremely fast within the middle stage, but before I knew it, by that evening the fever was gone. It felt like having been to hell and back. That period from 21 January to the 26th was the worst time. I coughed so bad my stomach was hurting and my back ached. Those were a number of the worst days in my life.

It was then that I realised I needed some spiritual support or even I couldn’t make it. So I watched my favourite anime show and seeing their normal, happy lives, i believed that i could , say goodbye to the present life forever. But watching the show, the heroine had troubles within the first half of the story, but she finally made it and succeeded in her career.

You see, i used to , fly to Japan in mid-February to travel to a concert by Ayaka Ohashi, a Japanese voice actress and anime artist, but with the lockdown i believed everything may well be cancelled. I had attended her solo performance last year, and after watching her I had decided I wanted to form a career out of managing voice actors. So watching the show, I thought: i have to make it if i would like to work out her next concert alive. This really encouraged me and gave me some relief, together with the drugs. I dreamed twice that week that I met her.

I had another re-exam on 28 January, which showed both my lungs were improving. After a medical consultation between the doctors, they decided that i am qualified for being tested for the coronavirus.

My elder brother began to own a fever and cough on the 29th. His exam results showed there have been small patches of glass-like shadows in his lungs. He was considered a suspected case. On the identical day, my grandma also had a fever. As for me, my test results were positive and that i was officially a confirmed case. The hospital gave me five days of an anti-HIV medicine free, while my family were also beginning to take prescribed medicine. because of my improved situation and limited beds within the hospital, i am told to travel home and isolate myself, and thus my IV therapy ended.

My brother had a re-exam and he tested positive on 2 February. My grandmother had a fever for four days and she was recovered. She was never tested, and neither was my mother, but all of them took medicine. My brother also eventually recovered and is now negative for the virus.

On 4 February, a CT scan showed continued improvements in my lungs, and my cough stopped. i was given another coronavirus test and prescribed more medicine. the subsequent day test results showed i used to be negative for the virus, but in step with instructions from the doctors, I needed to travel back for one more test. On 7 February results showed again that i am negative, and that i was declared recovered.


PopCorn Story

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