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PopCorn Story - Two positive Corona patients in Malang, East Java were declared cured on Saturday, March 28, 2020. How encouraging the news was after being confirmed by the Head of Government Public Relations, Nur Widianto. These 2 patients recovered due to their patience and compliance with social physical distancing and work from home.

Widianto, as the Head of Public Relations, left a message that all residents keep their distance for a while and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of course, these 3 patients recovered due to the increased immune power of these three patients.

Two patients who were cured were each treated at the Saiful Anwar Regional General Hospital (RSSA) of Malang City and Seopraeon Army Hospital.

The two patients also retested to see whether the Coronavirus had completely disappeared from his body. One patient had received lab results and was tested negative for Coronavirus, while another patient was waiting for the lab results but the doctor said he was clinically cured.

The two patients were finally allowed to go home and undergo independent isolation at home under the supervision of the Covid-19 Task Force in Malang. Both of these patients are not allowed to do activities outside the home so that they are fully healed. Indeed Corona can be cured, but it would be nice if this virus never existed in our bodies.


PopCorn Story

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