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PopCorn Story - Launch CNN, one of the women from Seattle, United States who managed to recover from the corona virus tells her experience of fighting against the virus.

He is Elizabeth Schneider who is 37 years old. The beginning of the story is when he felt a sore throat. Exactly 3 days before he went to the party, and it turns out some people who were at the party complained of experiencing the same symptoms.

Later when he started working, Elizabeth felt tired, had a headache and also had a slight fever. When he got home, he decided to rest for a while. And when he woke up, his body temperature instead increased to 39.4 dearajat celcius. He still thinks that this is incompatible with the symptoms of the corona virus, because he does not have severe flu. He claimed not to cough, no shortness of breath, and no symptoms of respiratory distress at all.

When he went to consult a doctor, the doctor diagnosed it was just a normal fever. Then, one of Elizabeth's friends told me about the flu study in Seattle. Participants can register online and submit test kits which are sent back to get the results a few days later. That is part of the research. Recently, the group also began testing the corona virus. That is how he began to know that he was positively infected by the corona virus or covid-19.

Elizabeth carried out isolation at her home. He began to rest and also took over-the-counter medicines. After a few days later, he finally recovered from the disease. Elizabet also advised the surrounding community not to panic and worry too much about the breaking news circulating at this time.

PopCorn Story

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