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PopCorn Story - Unlike others where a lot of people buy their daily needs in large quantities, some people want to help others to avoid this Coronavirus. This fast-spreading virus makes people more complicated and does not work well. In Early March, releasing 70 countries infected with the Coronavirus, 3,000 of them had died because they're infected by this deadly and around 100,000 infected cases were recorded officially.

This Coronavirus made a country that was very densely populated into a Ghost town. Wuhan, where the first city that infected coronavirus, fastly doing isolated in each other's homes. Instantly most of the businesses went bankrupt because there were no customers who received this virus. One of the business people is Li Bo, 36 years old.

However, when Li Bo witnessed how all the medical staff worked hard to cure the coronavirus patients, He's feeling like he wants to help. He along with his employees buy and prepares food up to 200 boxes every day and gives it to paramedics.

In Changde, it also contained a citizen who gave 15,000 masks. The mask was paid for by the company and fired him. He brought the mask home, but finally, he was fully donated to the Chinese population who was more in need.

The Coronavirus continues to expand in China, two data monitoring companies, the Urban Quant and the Mini Our Chat Program also helped create a platform that can contain information about where the places that already infected by the virus.

And another thing is not less interesting, namely Linda who was taken from Wuhan. She sorted out various information both systematically, both the official release and personal data about the Coronavirus on Social Media like Weibo, then translated it into English and uploaded it to Twitter, Youtube, and others. So the outside society knows of any developments regarding this Coronavirus.

Andy Tang, 17 years old from Hong Kong created a WhatsApp group called GloNews were to share information about the Coronavirus. He chooses to use WhatsApp because group members easily receive notifications about the updated information.

A group of volunteers in Singapore namely The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center took the initiative to raise funds to help victims of the Coronavirus and they managed to raise 2.2 million Singapore dollars. Also, O'Joy Care Service distributed bottles containing hand washing liquid to the elderly in Singapore to prevent the Coronavirus and one other organization, the Sayang Sayang Fund, also raised funds within 3 weeks of funds collected nearly 200 thousand Singapore dollars and used for transportation safety health workers on

In South Korea, they made several applications to track the Coronavirus outbreak, one of which was the 100m application launched on February 11 made by Bae Won Seok. Anyone who uses this application within 100 meters where there is a person infected by the virus, a notification will appear or a notification to be alerted.

There are a lot of people who help the community to be more careful and help minimize the victims of CoronaVirus. So we as citizens should also continue to maintain our health and if we can help, such as spreading the good news about the Coronavirus to the general public, be sure to spread it out and not give away news with confusion.

PopCorn Story

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