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PopCorn Story - Patient who recovered from Corona virus from West Java gave information about how she recovered after being treated at RSPI Sulianti Saroso. There are 3 patients who recovered from this Corona virus which they have a mother and child relationship. The patients don’t forget to give award to the medical staff who have treated them well.

In early March, this patient who named Ratri had no symptoms at all. Ratri and her sister went to a restaurant and it still looks like usually. But on next day, she felt a fever and extreme weakness. After a few days, Ratri recovered immediately.

Two weeks later, news was heard that 2 other patients known as Mother and Sister of Ratri got positive results from being infected with Corona and on same day Ratri immediately did a test to find out whether she had Corona virus or not, the results were negative but on re-examination Ratri tested positive for Corona infection. But Ratri was not afraid and she was sure that she would recover and be relieved because she already knew what she had to do at this time.

The treatment they are undergoing is that they are given antibiotic infusion or cough medicine if they feel a cough. The nurses swiftly always ask how they feel, so the patient's condition does not worsen. Its all tailored to the patient’s need. They are also given food regularly.

Ratri fill their free time with a little exercise or working if the work can be done at the hospital. So it's not too boring even though quarantined in the Hospital even though at first she felt sad and could not stand when this all ended, they handled everything well.

In the end after she got treatment at the hospital for a few weeks, Ratri was declared cured from Corona virus then followed by his mother and sister. They consider this an extraordinary experience. Even saying this Corona virus makes them closer to the God almighty.

Finally, Ratri give the message to the public to do the prevention movement, drink lots of water and bask in the morning sun. If you feel a little sick, stay at home because we are responsible not for ourselves but also others people and the environment.

PopCorn Story

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