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PopCorn Story - Another passion story came from a female patient who finally recovered after being infected with the corona covid-19 virus. The woman's name is Zhang and her age is 47 years old. She is one of 92 other Singaporeans quarantined because she has been evacuated from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

At first, Zhang did not realize that she was infected with the corona virus. But when she arrived in Singapore, she claimed to have symptoms of fever. Then, she was taken to the NCID (National Center for Infectious Diseases) by using an ambulance in a worsening health condition.

When she arrived at the hospital, her lungs could not work properly until finally the medical team decided to insert an oxygen tube into Zhang's nose so she could breathe. At that time, Zhang had thought that she would die because of difficulty in breathing.

Furthermore, Zhang was immediately put into the ICU. At that time she claimed she was unable to move his limbs, even though her mind was proceeding normally. The doctors and nurses who were treating Zhang continued to encourage Zhang not to worry and also assured her that she could recover from her illness.

Seeing the surrounding environment that was so supportive, Zhang became even more enthusiastic to be healed. The role of the medical team who cared for and encouraged her to recover was also a motivation.

After several days of intensive care, Mrs. Zhang was declared cured. After recovering, it was Zhang's turn to provide motivation to other patients suffering from the same disease as herself. Until now, Zhang continues to spread positive energy to the surrounding environment.


PopCorn Story

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