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PopCorn Story - This is the story of a corona patient who recovered despite being elderly, which is 103 years old. Corona virus or often called covid-19 is said to be fatal if exposed to people who do not have strong immunity.

People who do not have strong body immunity are people who are at the age of infants and children or people who are elderly.

However, there are stories of patients who managed to recover against this disease despite their old age. The first story comes from a woman who lives in Iran and is 103 years old. This patient was reported to have recovered after getting an intensive nurse in the hospital for 6 days. This patient is also determined as the second oldest patient who can recover from this dangerous disease, quoted from AA, Chancellor of the Semnn University of Medical Sciences.

The second story is a patient from China named Zhang Guangfen. This patient is very old, 103 years old. But he managed to be free from covid-19 virus infection. The beginning of the story, he had experienced critical conditions and communication difficulties with medical personnel while in the hospital. The doctor who handled Zhang mentioned that the success to recover was obtained because of his physical support who had no history of any congenital diseases.

With the 2 stories above, this proves that everyone who has contracted the corona virus has a chance to recover. Not even looking at age, the 2 elderly patients had proven it.


PopCorn Story

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